Amy Khare

Amy Khare



  • 46800 Political Processes in Policy Formulation and Implementation
  • 60400 Poverty, Inequality, and the Welfare State

Job experience

  • Research Associate, Urban Institute, Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center
  • Project Director, University of Chicago, Mixed-Income Development Study
  • Associate Director, Heartland Alliance, Heartland Housing
  • Associate Director, Avalon Housing in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Fields of Special Interest

  • Poverty, inequality and race
  • Urban policy, implementation and politics
  • Privatization of public resources
  • Housing, neighborhood development and community change
  • Democratic participation and governance
  • Applied research for organizations and public policy

Publications or presentations

  • Khare, Amy T. 2015. “Putting People Back Into Place-Based Public Policies.” Special issue titled: Urban Policy in the Time of Obama. Journal of Urban Affairs. 37(1): 47-52.

  • Khare, Amy T., Mark L. Joseph and Robert J. Chaskin. 2014. “The Enduring Significance of Race in Mixed-Income Developments.” Urban Affairs Review. 14(1): 183-214.

  • Khare, Amy T. 2013. “Market-Driven Public Housing Reforms: Inadequacy for Poverty Alleviation.” Special symposium titled: Mixed Messages on Mixed Income. Cityscape: A Journal of Policy Development and Research. 15(2): 193-204.

  • Chaskin, Robert, Amy T. Khare and Mark Joseph. 2012. “Participation, Deliberation and Decision Making: The Dynamics of Inclusion and Exclusion in Mixed-Income Developments.” Urban Affairs Review. 48(6): 863-906.

  • Is Collaborative Social Change Possible? Divergent Strategies among Foundations, Institutions, and Organizations in Efforts to Reform Chicago’s Public Housing, Paper presentation, Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action, November 2015.

  • Building Doctoral Student Capacity through Student & Educator Collaboration, Paper presentation, Council on Social Work Education, October 2015.

  • The Remaking of the Third Ghetto?: Community Organizations & the Politics of Neighborhood Redevelopment, Paper presentation, International Sociological Associations RC-43, September 2015.

  • Revealing the Wizards Behind the Curtain: Influence of the Feds, Courts, and Mayors in Chicago’s Public Housing Redevelopment, Paper presentation, Urban Affairs Association, April 2015.

  • Place-based Initiatives of the Obama Administration: Emerging Findings about Choice and Promise Neighborhoods, Organized panel and presented paper, Urban Affairs Association, March 2014.