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Course Name Concentration Student Course Number
Food Insecurity and Food Policy in the U.S. 20550
Race and American Public Schools 21000
How Things Get Done in Cities and Why 21100
Policing, Citizenship, and Inequality in Comparative Perspective 21200
Global Mental Health Issues 21300
Policing, Citizenship, and Inequality in Comparative Perspectives 21912
Examining Historical Trauma: Intergenerational Responses to the Holocaust 22812
Immigration, Law and Society 25003
Punishment and Social Theory 25004
Inequality at Work: The Changing Nature of Jobs and Prospects for Improvement 25005
Contemporary Immigration Policy and Practice 25112
Poverty, Work, and Family Policy 25630
Prejudice and Discrimination: Individual Cost and Response 25732
Structuring Refuge: U.S. Refugee Policy and Resettlement Practice 26922
Social Intervention: Programs and Policies I 30000
Social Intervention: Programs and Policies II 30000
Social Intervention: Direct Practice I 30100
Social Intervention: Direct Practice II 30100
Social Intervention: Research and Evaluation 30200
Human Behavior in the Social Environment 32700
Clinical Interventions in Substance Use Disorders 40012
Couples Therapy 40212
Fundamentals of Behavioral Therapy: Contemporary Approaches 40403
Cognitive and Behavioral Approaches: Children and Families 40404
Motivational Interviewing 40532
Food Insecurity and Food Policy in the U.S. 40550
Beyond the Clinic: Population Approaches to Mental Health Promotion 40632
Family Systems Approaches to Practice 40800
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Theory and Practice 40922
Psychodynamic Practice Methods I 41000
Psychodynamic Practice Methods II 41100
Intersectional Approaches to Social Work with LGBTQIA Individuals and Communities 41212
Global Mental Health 41412
The Practice of Group Work 41500
Public School Systems and Service Populations 41600
Clinical Assessment in Abusive Family Systems 41712
Narrative Therapy 41812
Treatment of Adolescents: A Contextual Perspective 41900
Substance Use Practice 42001
Aging and Mental Health 42100
Child and Adolescent Substance Use 42322
Comparative Perspectives in Social Work Practice 42401
Adult Psychopathology 42500
Diagnosing Mental Disorders in Children and Adolescents 42600
Family Support Principles, Practice, and Program Development 42700
Work and Family Policy: Policy Considerations for Family Support 42912
Social Work's Role in Ending the Domestic HIV Epidemic 43012
Evidence-Based Therapies for Treating Trauma in Adults 43222
The Exceptional Child 43300
Qualitative Inquiry and Research 43412
Life Course Development: Immigrant Adolescents and Their Families 43622
Social Work in Healthcare: The Rapidly Changing Landscape 43722
Skills for Conducting Psychotherapy with Chronically Distressed Persons 43800
Social Work with Veterans 43912
Use of Self and Clinical Practice with Multicultural Populations 44112
Self Awareness and Social Work with Diverse Populations 44122
Youth Trauma Work: Integrating Neurobiology and Anti-Adultism in contextual practice 44222
Sexuality Across the Life Cycle 44401
Clinical Research: Using Evidence in Clinical Decision Making 44501
Queer Theory in Social Work Practice 44712
Urban Adolescents in their Families, Communities & Schools: Issues for Research and Policy 44800
Participatory Research: Exploration and Application of Action Research Models for Social Work Practice 45032
Contemporary Immigration Policy and Practice 45112
Economics for Social Welfare 45400
Prejudice and Discrimination: Individual Cost and Response 45732
Supervision and Management in Social Work Organizations 45922
Race, Crime, and Justice in the City 46312
Clinical Practice with Survivors of Torture and Political Violence 46522
Key Issues in Health Care: An Interdisciplinary Case Studies Approach 46622
Organizational Theory & Analysis for Human Services 46712
Political Processes in Policy Formulation and Implementation 46800
Structuring Refuge: U.S. Refugee Policy and Resettlement Practice 46922
Promoting the Social and Academic Development of Children in Urban Schools 47232
Strategic Management: External Factors 47300
Smart Decarceration: A Grand Challenge for Social Work 47452
The U.S. Health Care System 47512
Structural Social Work Practice and the Mexican Experience in Chicago 47722
Human Rights Policy and Practice 47812
Community Organizing 48112
Theories and Strategies of Community Change 48300
Difference and Inclusion 48422
Data for Policy Analysis and Management 48500
Health and Aging Policy 49032
Dying, Death and End-of-Life Care 49332
Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations 49600
Administrative Methods 49701
Development through the Life Course 50400
Professional Vision 51312
Dissertation Proposal Seminar 53500
Research Methods for Social Work 54900
The Profession of Social Work 55200
Economics for Social Welfare 55400
Seminar on Urban Politics and Community Action 56201
Applied Qualitative Research Seminar 56300
Theory in Research 56601
Doctoral Workshop on Theory in Social Work Research 56801
Communities, Organizations, and Democracy: Key Challenges in Urban Governance 57800
Social Meaning of Race: Research Seminar 58000
Drugs: Culture and Context 60100
Spirituality and Social Work Practice 60200
Inequality at Work 60312
Poverty, Inequality, and the Welfare State 60400
Child and Adolescent Trauma 60800
Seminar in Violence Prevention 61100
Perspectives on Aging 61212
The Social Meaning of Race 61400
The Therapeutic Relationship in Contemporary Psychodynamic Practice 61732
Treating Complex Trauma: A Skills-based Approach 61822
Policing, Citizenship, and Inequality in Comparative Perspective 61912
Trans*forming Social Work 62022
Play Therapy 62122
Global Health: Interdisciplinary Case-Based Approach to Addressing Complex Issues 62212
Knowledge and Skills for Effective Group Work Practice 62322
Community Ethnography 62400
Gottman Method Couples Therapy 62512
Philanthropy, Public Policy and Community Change 62600
Examining Historical Trauma: Intergenerational Responses to the Holocaust 62812
Global Development and Social Welfare 62912
Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation: Cultivating Practice Skills for Social Justice 63012
International Perspectives on Social Policy and Social Work Practice 63300
Cultural Studies in Education 63412
Culturally Responsive Intervention, Assessment and Treatment 63600
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy 63700
Program Evaluation in International Settings 63800
Male Roles and Life Course Development in Family, Community, and Civil Society 63900
LatinX and Spanish Language for Social Workers 64400
Quality Monitoring & Improvement for the Social Services 64600
Organizing Coalitions for Change: Growing Power & Social Movements 64700
Practicing with Integrity in Trauma-Informed Care 64912
Leading Teams in the Social Services Sector 65012
Current Topics in Long Term Care and Aging: Systems of Care for Older Adults 65212
Harm Reduction at the Intersection of Policy, Program, & Clinical Practice 65500
Immigration, Law and Society 65712
Making Kin: Adoption and Fostering in a Global Perspective 65812
Gender Considerations in International Social Work Practice 66300