Current Visiting Faculty

Israel (Issi) Doron is an associate professor at the University of Haifa and head of the Department of Gerontology. His research has focused mainly on Law, Social Policy, and Aging, specifically in the areas of international elder law, municipal elder law, and jurisprudential gerontology. Professor Doron edited the first (and only) international book regarding the theoretical conceptualization of elder law, and he was invited by the UN to be a member of the UN Expert Group on elder rights, writing recommendations for the Assembly General on the issue of the future of an International Convention for the Rights of Older Persons. He also established a new NGO, Law in the Service of the Elderly (, that is the first NGO of its kind in Israel that uses legal strategy to protect and promote the rights of older persons. While at SSA, Professor Doron will be teaching two classes: (69022) Law, Social Work, and the Legal Regulation of the Social Work Profession, and (65912) Older Adults – Activism and Human Rights. He intends to continue to use his experience and broad perspective in International and Comparative Law to broaden and to encourage research activities in the field.