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Join the SSA Alumni Association Board of Directors

Nomination and Selection Process

Nomination forms for the  2018-2020 Alumni Board term: 

Alumni Board Job Description

Alumni Board Nomination Form

Nomination forms should be accompanied by the following supporting materials:

  • Personal Statement
  • Current resume or CV
  • At least two letters of reference - one must be from an SSA alumnus, student, or faculty member

All SSA alumni are encouraged to apply for board membership. In particular, if you have expertise and interest in:

             Board Development (recruitment, training, evaluation)
             Community building, outreach, or engagement
             Strategic planning
             Committee Leadership
             Special events (planning and implementing)
             Communication and marketing
             Public speaking
             Social media

A selection committee of Board members and non-Board members will review and select candidates to fill openings on the Board and an alternate. Once the selection process is complete, candidates are notified of their status.

Candidates who are not selected are strongly encouraged to participate on the SSA Alumni Association Committees and reapply for the next term.

Send nomination materials to: SSA Alumni Association Nominating Committee at

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 SSA Alumni Association Board of Directors: Call for Nominations!

Be Part of the SSA Mission and Vision. Be part of something bigger than yourself. SSA is making strides to be the global leader in social work education, practice, and research. As an SSA Alumni Board Member, you would become an integral part of the forward progression of SSA’s mission and vision through alumni focused programming.

Leadership and Networking Opportunities. Being on the SSA Alumni Board provides valuable experiences and develops transferable skills in leadership, project management, public speaking, negotiation, and more. Moreover, being on the alumni board potentially expands current social and professional connections.

Professional Development: Receive one complimentary workshop a year from the SSA Professional Development Program (PDP) and free admittance to the Annual SSA Alumni Reunion Weekend and Cocktail Hour event. And for those Board Members outside the Metro Chicago area, there is a reimbursement allotment for one trip to Chicago to attend the SSA Alumni Reunion Weekend.

Click on this link for application details.

Questions at any time of the year? Feel free to email and/or call Loretta Maestranzi, AM ’14, Secretary and Board Development Chair at 773-329-3828 or

Accomplishments of the SSA Alumni Board of Directors, 2016-2017

  1. Our Strategic Plan: We are in the second year of the current strategic plan that is in alignment with the SSA Mission.  Our top three priorities of the plan are as follows:
  • Connectivity: Across the country, create opportunities for personal connection focused on leadership, quality and excellence for alumni as well as with students.
  • Advancement: Uphold and advance SSA’s position as the leader in the field worldwide.
  • Development: Partner with the school and visiting committee to build capacity for student scholarship fundraising efforts.
  1. SSA Alumni Survey Executed: Collaboration of the Executive, Networking and Professional Development, and Communication Committees to execute a “Voice of the Customer” survey to determine SSA Alumni needs and preferences.  Executed, collected, and analyzed 1200 responses.  As the direct result of survey findings that reflect our top three priorities of our Strategic Plan, the Board is making a concerted effort to connect SSA Alumni via email, the SSA Magazine, the SSA electronic newsletter “MeSSAges,” and via social media.
  2. First Annual Planning Process:  The SSA Alumni Board of Directors created transparency around budgeting process and plans.  Board Committee structure was realigned to more effectively carry out the SSA Mission.  Full details on our committee work can be found at:
  3. SSA Alumni Association Representation on SSA’s “Committee on Inclusion, Equity and Diversity.”  SSA Alumni have gained a permanent seat on this committee via SSA Alumni Board of Directors representation.  Along with other major SSA stakeholders, SSA Alumni are engaged with the school on issues of diversity and inclusion through this representation.
  4. A Full Board of Directors: For FY17, our Recruitment Committee filled all three vacancies to make up a full Board of 19 Members. 
  5. Strengthening of Partnerships with the School:  Increased partnerships with the school, the faculty liaison, and the SSA Visiting Committee.  Our newly formed Fund and Development Committee collaborated with the Visiting Committee to fundraise for the school.

Overarching Goals of the SSA Alumni Board of Directors for Next Year 

  1. Expand on the Pursuit of our Three Strategic Priorities
  2. Extrapolate Alumni Survey Findings to Effectively Serve SSA Alumni
  3. Determine Strategy for Fundraising that Better Aligns with Connectivity Priority
  4. Build Upon Partnerships with Fellow SSA Stakeholders