SSA offers several opportunities for students to combine professional degrees to create a unique multi-faceted program. These joint or dual degree programs link professional study in two complementary realms of expertise to provide the student with multiple tools and approaches to address the issues of social change.

There are many practical advantages to the combined degree programs, including an interdisciplinary exploration of your field of interest and a wider range of career choices upon graduation. Generally, the combined degree programs allow students to fulfill the requirements of both degree programs in one year less than if pursued separately. Joint degree programs are available between SSA and the Booth School of Business, the Harris School of Public Policy, and the Divinity School. Dual degrees are available between SSA and the Hyde Park Cluster of Theological Schools.

Students must pursue formal admission to both degree programs through the admissions department of each respective school. If a student is currently enrolled in the first year of a professional school, he or she may apply for admission to another program to begin the combined degree. Students may apply for admission to both programs at the same time and defer the SSA program for one year.

To apply to SSA, please visit our admissions page.

Sean Hudson

Sean Hudson, AM ā€™14

ā€œIā€™d like to focus my research on education issues facing African American youth and foster youth. The end goal is becoming one of the leading researchers in education research,ā€ he says.