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Read highlights and view photos from the 2017 Smart Decarceration Conference.

Article (November 2017)


Assistant Professor Marci Ybarra to join panel studying state-based social insurance programs

Prof Jens Ludwig discusses improving police early intervention systems

Article, UChicago News (November 15, 2017)

"One in ten young adults experience...

Lecturer Jessica Darrow on why refugees struggle to make a livable wage
Article, Deseret News (...

Article, Boston Fed (Fall, 2017)

"Changing Schedules, Part I: Policy, Technology, and...

Article, The New York Times (November 6, 2017)

"Nonprofits Give ‘Disconnected’ Youths Another...

Senator Dick Durbin Addresses Smart Decarceration Conference


Alumni Spotlight

Shirley Li

Shirley Li, AM '16

Li reflects on her SSA field experience, “I now realize that as a therapist, both the goal and how you approach that goal are very important.”