SSA Council

The Social Service Administration Council was established in 1955 to help interpret the School’s mission and goals to the public, advise the Dean about the needs and concerns of the community, and assist the School in its financial development efforts. Committee members hold positions of leadership in many social service and philanthropic agencies.

Donna E. Barrows AM ’79
Peter H. Darrow JD ’67
Bernie Dyme AM ’79, Chair
Betsy R. Gidwitz
Cynthia Greenleaf
Craig Kennedy AB '74, AM '80, MBA '80
Stephanie D. Larsen AM ’66
Amy S. Lubin AM ’75
Linda Kelly Lymburn AM ’80
Dr. Katharine (Kitty) Mann AM ’69, PhD ’99
Ms. Nancy Newberger
Marilyn B. Rusnak AM ’71
Rev. Richard L. Tolliver PhD
David J. Vitale MBA ’76

Life Members
Daniel Alvarez, Sr.
Judith S. Block
Frank M. Clark
Charles R. Feldstein AM ’44
Sunny Fischer AM ’82
Mary Winton Green AM ’49
Ann Dibble Jordan AM ’61
Iris J. Krieg AM ’75
Beatrice Cummings Mayer EX ’47
Bernice Weissbourd EX ’45

Margaret Marion

Margaret Marion, AB '12, AM '13

“The hardest decision I had to make when I was applying for the AB/AM program was whether to become an administrative or clinical student,” says Margaret Marion, AB '12, AM '13. “I understood that whichever track I chose, I would still have room to pursue classes in the other track that fit in with my academic and professional goals"