This sequence of recommended courses teaches students analytic approaches and practice behaviors for enhancing the effectiveness of human service organizations serving disadvantaged populations. The goals of the Management cluster are:

  • To familiarize students with the theories and analytical frameworks useful for developing and implementing effective organizational policies and practices;
  • To instruct students in strategies that can enable human service organizations to respond effectively to external threats and opportunities;
  • To help students develop competencies in modern management methods, such as staff supervision and development, negotiation, participatory decision-making, organizational development, and agency budgeting.

SSA Faculty recommend that students choosing the Organizations & Management cluster take three or more Cluster courses and one or more Context courses.  The following courses will be offered in 2015-16:

47300  Strategic Management: External Factors
49600  Financial Management for Nonprofit Organization
62600  Philanthropy, Public Policy, & Community Change
49701   Administrative Methods
46412  The Evaluation of Social Welfare Programs & Policies
64600 Quality Monitoring & Improvement for the Social Services

60300: Workforce & Workplace Development: Inequality in Employment
61500  Urban Education & Educational Policy
48112  Community Organizing
64700  Organizing Coalitions for Change: Growing Power & Social Movements
46922  Structuring Refuge: US Refugee Policy and Resettlement Practice

Skylar Cole

Skylar Cole, AM ’14

Cole has quickly advanced to a leadership role that includes training staff and supervising social work interns. She developed a professional development plan that emulates what she learned at SSA regarding policies, practices, and perspectives. She also believes that SSA prepared her very well to work on teams, both professionally and in the community.