The Award for Excellence in Doctoral Student Mentoring at SSA recognizes and honors faculty members who have provided exemplary advising and mentoring to SSA doctoral students. Full-time SSA faculty members are eligible for the award.

Award winners are selected based on the faculty member's contributions to students' scholarly and professional development, as well as to enhancing students' overall experience in the doctoral program. This includes but is not limited to: advancing students' thinking and knowledge in their area of research; providing opportunities for students to develop research skills (i.e. data collection or analysis, manuscript writing, etc.); contributing to students' professional development by, for example, helping to make connections with other scholars and supporting conference presentations; and advising students on setting goals and providing support for meeting those goals.

SSA Doctoral students nominate faculty and a selection committee from the SSA faculty and administration make the final decision on the award winner based on the letters of support. The winner is recognized at the Student Hooding Ceremony each June.

The School proudly recognizes the following faculty for Excellence in Doctoral Student Mentoring at SSA:

2016: Jennifer Mosley

2015: Alida M. Bouris

2014: Gina M. Samuels

2013: Julia R. Henly 

Nikel Bailey

Nikel Bailey, AM '12

"I've been able to achieve my accomplishments by not just waiting for things to come to me. Seek and ye shall find," says Nikel Bailey, AM '12.