Marc A. Edwards, Charles P. Lunsford Professor of Environmental and Water Resources Engineering, Virginia Tech University, presented “Environmental Injustice in the Flint, Michigan Water Crisis” on Friday, October 14, 2016.

Professor Marc A. Edwards heroically helped to uncover the Flint, Michigan lead water crisis. In this year’s address, Edwards discussed environmental justice and advocacy, and confronting government failure and deception. A MacArthur Fellow, Professor Marc Edwards’ research includes projects for the National Science Foundation, the Water Research Foundation, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Professor Edwards has earned numerous awards including: the Barus Award for Defending the Public Health and Interest; Praxis Award in Professional Ethics from Villanova University; the Virginia Tech Alumni Award for Research Excellence; National Science Foundation Presidential Faculty Fellowship, awarded by the White House/NSF for work on corrosion in water distribution systems.

Photography by Lloyd DeGrane