Medical Care

Medical care for students is provided through the Student Health and Counseling Services.  

Health Insurance Requirement

All students are required to carry adequate health insurance. Your insurance must cover routine, non-emergency medical care in the Chicago area, and meet all comparable coverage requirements. You must satisfy UChicago's health insurance requirement in one of two ways:

Confirm enrollment in the University Student Health Insurance Plan (U-SHIP)


Apply for a waiver by certifying that you have comparable insurance coverage

Students must confirm or waive enrollment by 5 pm Central time on the third Friday of their first quarter enrolled at the University. The Autumn 2017 deadline is 5 pm on August 31, 2017. If you do not elect into the program or waive by the enrollment deadline, you will forfeit enrollment in health insurance through the University. Students must complete this enrollment process annually.

Immunization Requirements

By State of Illinois law, generally all new students are required to present proof of immunity from German measles, measles (two shots required), mumps, and tetanus/diphtheria (three shots required for international students). The Student Health and Counseling Services notifies all new students of the requirement and provides instructions for compliance. Forms will be mailed to all incoming students and are available here

After the third Friday of the first quarter of enrollment, students who are not yet compliant will have their subsequent registrations restricted and will not have the restriction lifted until they have become compliant with the immunization requirement. If you receive this notification, we recommend that you call the Student Health Service at 773.702.4156 to resolve your immunization compliance status.

For additional information about immunizations, please contact the Student Health and Counseling Services. For a copy of the State of Illinois law, click here.

Student Life Fee

The University requires all students, with the exception of Extended Evening Program (EEP) Students, to pay the Student Life Fee each quarter of enrollment. However, EEP students who specifically opt-in to the University Student Health Insurance Plan (U-SHIP) will be assessed the Student Life Fee. This fee covers patient visits at the Student Health and Counseling Services. This fee also covers student activities through the Center for Leadership and Involvement. Dependent spouses or same-sex domestic partners and dependent children age 14 and older, who are insured through the University Student Health Insurance Plan (U-SHIP), are assessed the Dependent Life Fee and are entitled to receive services at Student Health and Student Counseling.

Students who live more than 100 miles away from the University may waive the Student Life Fee by making this request to the SSA Dean of Students.

Summer Student Life Fee

Returning students and June graduates who remain in the Chicago area during the summer but are not enrolled in classes have the option to pay the Summer Student Life Fee for continued access to the Student Health and Counseling Services. Students' family members already on the University Student Health Insurance Plan (U-SHIP) may also purchase this service.