• 61100 Seminar in Violence Prevention

Job Experience

  • Program Director, Therapeutic Outreach Youth Services, Pilsen Wellness Center
  • Director of Violence Prevention, Enlace Chicago
  • Consultant, Institute for Nonviolence Chicago
  • Consultant, Alliance for Safety and Justice
  • Commissioner, Governor’s Commission on Criminal Justice and Sentencing Reform
  • Council Member, Illinois Sentencing Policy Advisory Council

Fields of Special Interest

  • Community Violence Prevention
  • Traumatic Loss/ Complex Trauma
  • Sentencing Policy
  • Criminal Justice Reform

Publications or presentations

  • Bocanegra, K. (2017) Community and Decarceration: Developing Localized Solutions. Book chapter in Smart Decarceration Initiative (Epperson, Pettus-Davis). In press
  • Bocanegra, K. Gorman-Smith, D., Patel, S. (2017). Preventing Youth Aggression in Community. Book Chapter in Handbook of Adolescent Aggression: Emergence, Development and Intervention (Malti, Ruben). Under review
  • Deane, K., Zakaryan, A. Richards,.M. Santiago, C., Bocanegra, K., Scott, D., Escobar,.C, Romero, E., Mozley, M. (2017). Mexican-American Urban Youth Perspectives on Environmental Stressors, Psychosocial Difficulties, and Coping: En Sus Propias Palabras. Journal of Child and Family Studies. Under Review.
  • Zakaryan, Romero, Richards, Bocanegra, Deane, Santiago, Mozley, Scott (2017, anticipated). Mexican-American Youth’s Perception of Community Violence. American Journal of Community Psychology
  • Voisin, Kim, Bocanegra, Morotta (2016, anticipated). The Juvenile Justice System and African American Adolescents: Examining Mental Health, Delinquency, Drug Use, Sexual Risk Behaviors, and Community Violence.
  • Bocanegra, Rak (2015). The Little Village Youth Safety Map. Enlace Chicago
  • Structural barriers, not stigma, limit access to mental health services for low-income Latino communities: Community based research. Poster presentation. Society for Social Work Research. New Orleans, LA (January, 2017)
  • Structural Social Work: A Framework for Understanding Latino Issues, Si Se Puede: Social Workers United for Latino Advancement, New York, NY (April, 2016)
  • Mexican-American Youth’s Perception of Community Violence Society for Research in Child Development, Philadelphia, PA (March, 2015)

Shirley Li

Shirley Li, AM '16

Li reflects on her SSA field experience, “I now realize that as a therapist, both the goal and how you approach that goal are very important.”