• 44712 Queer Theory in Social Work Practice

Job Experience

  • Program Evaluation, The UP Center of Champaign County
  • Disability Specialist, University of Illinois Disability Resources and Education Services
  • Teaching Assistant, The University of Chicago Collegiate Scholars Program
  • Research Assistant

Fields of Special Interest

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Social Inequality

Publications or presentations

  • Johnson, W.E., Rich, L.M.., & Keene, L.C. (2016). Father-Son Communication: An Intervention Strategy for Boys and Men of Color to Promote Neighborhood Safety Post-Ferguson. The Journal of Men’s Studies.
  • Paceley, M. S., Keene, L. C., & Lough, B. J. (2016). Barriers to involvement in Nonmetropolitan LGBTQ organizations. Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services, 28:2, 117-139.
  • Paceley, M.S., Keene, L.C., & Lough, B. J. (2015). Motivations for Involvement in Nonmetropolitan LGBTQ Organizations: A Multi-Method Qualitative Exploration. Journal of Community Practice, 23:102-125.  


Margaret Marion

Margaret Marion, AB '12, AM '13

“The hardest decision I had to make when I was applying for the AB/AM program was whether to become an administrative or clinical student,” says Margaret Marion, AB '12, AM '13. “I understood that whichever track I chose, I would still have room to pursue classes in the other track that fit in with my academic and professional goals"