Fall 2010

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Featured articles:

  • Viewpoint from the Dean: Dean Guterman offers his vision for SSA.
  • Conversation - Conflict Resolution: Stanley McCracken, a senior lecturer at SSA, and Edward Landreth, the mental health lead for the VA's Veterans Integrated service network (VIsn 12), discuss integrated services, how the Va is tackling homelessness and more.
  • What Are The Hours?: Giving retail workers 'predictable unpredictability' in scheduling could ease employee work/life conflicts
  • Represent Me: New research explores how residents of low-income communities think about political representation
  • Coming of Age: Being a teen in Vietnam isn't what it used to be—or at least what it seemed to be
  • Inside Social Service Review: The following are summaries of articles that have appeared in recent issues of Social Service Review
  • Fathers Wanted: When a mother has severe mental illness, children do better when a father is involved
  • Short-Term Work: Does taking a temp job limit a woman leaving welfare?
  • The Benevolent Tradition: "Lady boards" gave women an opportunity to lead charitable organizations nearly two centuries ago
  • Every Block a Village: From community research to community organizing, the Westside Health Authority brings promise to Austin

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Conflict Resolution, Extended Conversation: Read the full conversations piece between Stanley McCracken, a senior lecturer at SSA, and Edward Landreth, the mental health lead for the VA's Veterans Integrated service network (VIsn 12). They discuss integrated services, how the VA is tackling homelessness, and more.

Alumni Spotlight: Jacob Dancer III, A.B. '89, A.M. '04
Jacob Dancer III is the program supervisor of UCAN's 360° Model and HomeWorks initiatives. He's also an SSA field instructor. He says he enjoys assisting the next generation of students in learning about what they want to do with their career and how SSA can help them as much as it helped him.
"I love what I do," he says. "I'm tremendously excited about my work, and that's how I start every day."

Student Spotlight: Ifrah Magan, A.M. Candidate '11
Aware of the difficult path refugees have to follow in building new lives in the United States, Ifrah Magan is working to find opportunities to make the transition easier.
A master's student at SSA, she is completing her second-year field placement at the Heartland Alliance for Human Needs & Human Rights.

Student Spotlight: Robyn Offenbach, A.M. Candidate '11
Robyn Offenbach a clinical student in the School of Social Service Administration's Family Support Program, is completing her second-year field placement in clinical and counseling services at UCAN, a Chicago agency that helps young people who are dealing with trauma. She is mentored by Jacob Dancer III.

Jan and Jerry Wolf

Jerry Wolf, AM '74, MBA '75 and Jan Harris Wolf, AM '74

During their first quarter at SSA, Jerry Wolf and Jan Harris, took a class on the history of social welfare, an encounter that led to their marriage and a beginning for their time at SSA that has guided them in their careers.