SSA Magazine - Spring 2008

Spring 2008

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  • Welcome: From the Visiting Committee Chair: David Vitale, Chair of SSA's Visiting Committee, discusses the influence of the late Rev. Kenneth B. Smith.
  • Beyond the Books: These five strategies improve urban education by focusing on the people in the school.
  • Back from War: An array of views on the returning vets who have been scarred by their experiences—and how well we're helping them
  • Leading a Research Party: Sarah Gehlert's transdisciplinary program is conducting groundbreaking research on how living in a distressed community may be a cause of breast cancer.
  • Conversation - Don't Shoot: SSA professor Jens Ludwig and Roseanna Ander, program officer for the gun violence program at the Joyce foundation, discuss the costs and prevention of gun violence.
  • Theory in Practice: Therapists need to understand not just how to use, but why to use a variety of clinical perspectives.
  • Hip-Hop Generation: The rise of hip-hop gives insight into today's world.
  • Voice of the People: Social service agencies advocate for their clients surprisingly often.
  • Inside Social Service Review: The following are summaries of three articles that appeared in the June 2008 issue of Social Service Review.
  • A Voice from the Field: Casa Central - A home away from home
  • Behind the Numbers - False Perceptions: 27.9%: Vietnamese boys that smoke, according to a study in Massachusetts. The damage done by stereotypes about Asian Americans' model behavior

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  • An extended Conversation: Don't Shoot, a conversation about gun violence, with Jens Ludwig and Roseanna Ander
  • Speaking Out: A Q&A about the rules of lobbying and advocacy, with Jennifer Mosley