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Congratulations, Class of 2017! SSA congratulates all of our students...

...those who are graduating this June and those who will return to us next year. Many have received awards and fellowships. Our student journal, Advocates' Forum, showcased excellence. And many of our second year master's students completed Programs of Study.

SSA held its Student Recognition Ceremony and Reception on June 1, 2017, hosted by Dean Neil Guterman and Associate Dean of Students Kristen Reid Solomon. Students were recognized for the following:

2017 Advocates' Forum

SSA's Alumni Association African American Alumni Committee Awards

SSA Excellence in Community and Leadership Awards

Excellence in Field Education Awards

Wilma Walker Award 

Programs of Study Certificates

Award Recipients

2017 Advocates' Forum

Advocates’ Forum is an academic journal that explores implications of clinical social work practice, social issues, administration, and public policies linked to the social work profession. The Editorial Board of Advocates’ Forum seeks to provide a medium through which SSA students can contribute to public thinking about social welfare and policy in theory and practice. Above all, Advocates’ Forum serves to encourage and facilitate an open, scholarly exchange of ideas among individuals working toward the shared goal of a more just and humane society.


Jocelyn Broitman
Power in Youth-Led Philanthropy

Kelli Chávez
Public-Private Partnerships from a Neoclassical and Keynesian Political Economy Perspective

Andrea Haidar
Social Workers and the Protection of Immigrant and Refugee Rights

Tadeo Weiner Davis
Mexican Communities in the Great Depression

Clariza Saint George, Brett Penner, and Lara Burt
Maternal Depression: Understanding Associated Risk Factors

Editors in Chief
Nora Frazin
Kathryn West

Editorial Board
Sarah Easton
Nora Frazin
Megan Garrad
Courtney Hanson
Emma Heidorn
Brenda Kissane
Kayla Mishler
Nathan Roter
Clariza Saint George
Alaina Schofield
Elizabeth Weiss
Kathryn West

Faculty Advisor
Angela Garcia, Ph.D., Assistant Professor


SSA Alumni Association African American Alumni Committee Awards

AAAC award









Sophia Davis
Brittani Kindle
Julian Thompson
Dante Violette
Miles Williams


SSA Excellence in Community and Leadership Awards

Community Leadership Award







SSA Without Borders
Ben Coz
Youngwoon Han
Jaye Hobart
Courtney Margarita Loring
Sonya Rich
Nathan Roter
Jessica Salgado


Excellence in Field Education Awards

Field Education award








Imelda Guerra
Mikhael Yitref


Wilma Walker Memorial Award

Wilma Walker award









Miles Williams

Programs of Study

Advanced Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Counselor in Training Program
The AODA ATP Program of Study is designed to equip students with the tools necessary to provide services to clients who abuse alcohol and other drugs. The training program addresses treatment approaches in addiction and non-addiction settings.






Jessica Attas
Stephanie Dominik
Laura Geller
Kristen Hernandez
Anastacia Koumbis
Jessica Newton
Brandon O’Connor
Clariza Saint George
Ruyi Sun

Family Support Program
The Family Support Program is designed for students who are interested in partnering with parents to support the development of their children.

Family Support
Lara Burt
Amy de la Fuente
Nora Frazin
Brittani Kindle
Soo Young Lee
Cassandra Mendoza
Frances Novak
Ruth Richman
Arielle Von Hippel
Mikhael Yitref
Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy (GPHAP)
GPHAP provides students with the interdisciplinary training needed to face various economic, ethical, and social issues in today’s complex health care environment. GPHAP is intended for those considering careers in health services, management, policy, research, consulting, and finance.
Nora Bergman
Jazzmin Cooper
James Crowe
Isabel Hickerson
Marci Kirchberg, Global Health
Ariel Maschke, Global Health
Therese Nelson
Xavier Ramirez
Jared Reynolds, Global Health
Emilie Weisser, Global Health
Kathryn West
Samantha Yoh
International Social Welfare
This program provides students with the opportunity to think about social problems, social policy, and social work practice in comparative crossnational perspective, grounded in scholarship and practice around a set of concrete issues. Students also engage in an internship or study program abroad, or work with international organizations, or immigrant or refugee populations in the United States.
Amy Black
Benjamin Coz
Susy Gomez
Deborah Ho
Kayalyn Kibbe
Ariel Maschke
Aleia McKessy
Samantha Moog
Nathan Roter
Lauren Wade

Leadership in Community Schools Program
This program prepares social workers for new roles in schools. Community school practitioners and administrators work on many levels within a school or on behalf of schools – developing effective after-school and youth development programs, fostering effective school-community partnerships, and developing effective academic and social supports.

Community Schools





Erin Barry
Jocelyn Broitman
Chellie Fernandez
Youngwoon Han
Shanta Harrington
Hannah Kahn
Victoria Smith Ellison

Older Adult Studies Program
This program was designed to meet the challenge of an aging society by preparing its graduates to become leaders in the field of aging. This program combines an understanding of the person-in-environment as well as an awareness of the web of institutional relationships linking the older adult to society and social policy.

Older Adults





Alison Fichera
Xiaomeng Li
Samantha Lunde
Therese Nelson
Melissa Petkovic
Elisabeth Ramsey
Dana Schrage

Poverty and Inequality Program
This program provides students with the basic academic knowledge and field experience needed to engage in efforts to alleviate poverty and inequality.

Poverty and Inequality







Kelli Chávez
Olivia Wilks

School Social Work Program
This program offers a specialized curriculum leading to Professional Educator Licensure with School Social Work Endorsement issued through the Illinois State Board of Education.

School Social Work





Martha Diamond
Amanda Diaz
Nicole Ellison
Allyson Friedkin
Daniel Gnidovic
Karen Hiyama
Sophia Horwich
Kenley Johnston
Katharine Kenny
Maley Mullin
Amy Phillips
Sonya Rich
Ryan Rogulich
Mallory Widell
Kristina Zatvornitsky
Stephanie Zavala
Maria Zdunek

Violence Prevention
This program prepares students to think strategically and proactively and to develop the professional knowledge base and competencies enabling them to work across levels and at varied settings, ranging from home- and center-based early prevention services, to schoolbased youth and domestic violence prevention programs, to advocacy and community-based organizations targeting the prevention of interpersonal violence.

Violence Prevention






Christine Cummings
Alexandra Denis
Samantha Edwards
Emily Goodburn
Nicole Grabowski
Aviva Rosenberg
Meghan Twible

Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following students who have received prestigious awards outside of SSA.

Active Minds Emerging Scholars Fellowship
Khushbu Patel

Cook County Sheriff ’s Office Fellowship
Haley Guss

Ray E. Brown Fellow
Xavier Ramirez

CSWE Minority Fellowship Program - Youth
Jessica Attas
K. Tajhi Butts-Claybren
Jennifer Escobar
Brittani Kindle
Khushbu Patel
Veronica Philipsborn
Brenda Reavis
Mikhael Yitref

Ariane de Rosthchild Fellowship
Sophia Horwich

Doris Duke Dissertation Fellowship for the Promotion of Child Well-Being
Nathanael Okpych

Carl A. Erikson Fellowship
Nora Bergman
Therese Nelson
Jared Reynolds
Samantha Yoh

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship
Megan Brookman – Rabat, Morocco

Government Accountability Office Internship
Pamela Daum

Jewish Community Centers Graduate Scholar
Sophia Horwich

Susan G. Komen Graduate Trainee in Health Disparities
James Crowe

NAADAC Minority Fellowship Program for Addiction Counselors
Laura Geller

Policy Analysis Certificate from the Harris School of Public Policy
Pamela Daum
Stephanie Perkowski
Sylvie Zhang

Pozen Human Rights Fellowship
Rebecca Smith

Arthur Quern Fellowship
Ariel Maschke

The Albert Schweitzer Fellows
Emily Cull
Kristofer Rosentel

Summer Service Partnership with the Pritzker School of Medicine
Allison Butin

Survey Research Certificate from the Harris School of Public Policy
Thomas Brown
James Crowe

University of Chicago Human Rights Internship
Marci Kirchberg
Samantha Moog
Victoria Moreno