Letter to SSA Students and Members of the SSA Community from the SSA Faculty and Lecturers Undersigned Below

Dear SSA Students and Members of the SSA Community,

We are writing to state our unequivocal support for all members of our community who find themselves vulnerable in the aftermath of the U.S. presidential election, especially students and staff who are people of color, immigrants, Muslim, Jewish, undocumented and DACAmented, women, transgender, living with disabilities, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, or queer.          

As members of an academic community that values the free and open exchange of ideas, and as members of a profession that strives to end oppression, poverty, discrimination, and other forms of social injustice, we are outraged that the violence, intimidation, and exclusion expressed by President-elect Trump and key people appointed to his administration have become part of our national discourse. Many of us have heard from students and staff who feel targeted and unsafe. We want you to know that we hear you. We know that your safety and ability to thrive in this world are compromised by the incoming administration, and we will do our best to support and advocate for you moving forward. We are committed to making SSA a space of safety, acceptance, and freedom, and to working with the broader university community to achieve these same goals.

There is a high level of ambiguity about what will happen, and none of us has complete answers. Regardless of what the future holds, we pledge to stand up against the hateful and discriminatory public policies that have been proposed. We will continue to model and teach critical inquiry and the questioning of systems of power that are dangerously lacking in much of today’s public discourse. As social work and social welfare educators, practitioners, and policy makers, we are committed to working towards justice. The work you do—in its many different facets—has always been important; it is urgently needed now and in the years ahead. We stand with you as teachers, colleagues, mentors, and friends now and in the years to come.


We, the Undersigned Members of the SSA Faculty and Lecturers at the University of Chicago


William Borden

Alida M. Bouris

Evelyn Z. Brodkin

E. Summerson Carr

Robert J. Chaskin

Yoonsun Choi

Mark E. Courtney

Matt Epperson

Eve L. Ewing

Gina L. Fedock

Angela S. García

Yanilda María González

Deborah Gorman-Smith

Colleen M. Grogan

Neil Guterman

Sydney L. Hans

Julia R. Henly

Leyla Ismayilova

Waldo E. Johnson, Jr.

Susan J. Lambert

Jeanne C. Marsh

Nicole P. Marwell

Stanley G. McCracken

Curtis McMillen

Jennifer E. Mosley

Charles M. Payne

Harold A. Pollack

Shantá Robinson

Melissa Roderick

Gina Miranda Samuels

William T. Sites

Dexter R. Voisin

Miwa Yasui

Marci Ybarra

Alan Zarychta



Stephen Baker

Ann Bergart

Laura K. Botwinick

Stephen Budde

Mary Bunn

Pajarita Charles

Ashley Cureton Turner

Jessica H. Darrow

Billie Jo Day

Joanne Flom

Rhoda Freelon

Stacey L. Gordon

Melinda Gronen

John T. Halloran

Ryan D. Heath

E. Paul Holmes

Beth-Anne Jacob

Meghan Jarpe

Shaun Lane

Jeff Levy

Nikki Lively

Sybil Madison-Boyd

Jennifer Meade

Joy Messinger

Pete Myers

Joan Merlin Palmer

Shipra S. Parikh

Janice M. Pyrce

Jane Ramsey

Matt Richards

Amy Schigelone

Matilda Stubbs

Nick Turner

Elaine Waxman

Jancey Wickstrom

Gabriela Zapata-Alma