The University of Chicago School of Social Administration approach is interdisciplinary, and intellectually pluralistic. It is the premier training ground for leaders in the field of social work. It is also a prolific research institution where our faculty and doctoral students gather data to answer some of the most pressing questions in clinical social work, social policy, social welfare administration, and community development. They often work in partnership with agencies and programs in Chicago and around the world, and eagerly pursue opportunities to put their findings to work improving the lives of individuals and communities. Their research informs and guides best practices for evidence-based social work and social welfare policy.

Research Centers & Outreach

Many of our current projects are being investigated through interdisciplinary research centers and initiatives, several of which have partnerships with local agencies who provide needed care and outreach while furthering our understanding of how individuals and societies function:

SSA faculty and students also benefit from the strong tradition of social science and public policy scholarship at the University of Chicago, including research initiatives lead by the Center for Health Administration Studies, Center for Health and the Social Sciences (CHESS), the Center for Gender Studies at the University of Chicago, the Center for Human Potential and Public Policy, the Center for the Study of Race, Politics & Culture, NORC at the University of Chicago, Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, and the South Side Health and Vitality Studies (SSHVS).

Research Funding & Management

SSA actively supports faculty and student researchers in the procurement of research funding and the grant management process. Learn more about Research Administration.