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College Minor in Inequality, Social Problems, and Change

Learn more about this minor, offered by SSA, exclusively for students in the UChicago College.

SSA's New Research with China Collaborative

For the past year, SSA has been working with Peking University (PKU) and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) in an ambitious partnership—the Tripartite Collaboration for Advancing Social Work in China. This initiative, launched with lead funding by Anna Pao Sohmen, EX '68, and philanthropists Sue Peng and Xiotian Zhang, is designed to foster the development of professional social work education and research in China. 

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The Role of Foundations

Foundations play an important role in funding programs that assist the poor and other marginalized groups. They can also play a role in advancing social change. In this conversation, SSA Associate Professor Jennifer Mosley discusses the role of foundations with Grace Hou, President of Woods Fund Chicago. Mosley studies how nonprofits use involvement in policy advocacy to more effectively support the communities or populations they serve. Woods Fund Chicago is a private grantmaking foundation focused on the promotion of social, economic, and racial justice by finding and funding projects that draw on the power of communities to fight the brutality of poverty and structural racism.

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Leading the Way in Advancing Decarceration

A growing movement to find alternatives to mass incarceration is gaining more attention thanks to the research of School of Scoial Service Administration Associate Professor Matthew Epperson, who has spoken widely on the topic. 

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Social Justice Comes with the Coffee at Try-Me's Café

The School of Social Service Administration has invested in more than just a new source of caffeine and nourishment with the official opening of Try-Me's Café in the School this past fall. The café employs youth from Lawrence Hall, a community-based nonprofit organization in Chicago for resilient youth and their families, as well as a field (internship) site for SSA master’s students.

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