Human Subjects Protections Education Programs

Training requirements in the protection of human subjects in research

Crown Family School and Chapin Hall researchers who submit an IRB protocol application to the SSA/CHC IRB are required to complete CITI program training to fulfill the requirement for education in the protection of human research.  The Crown Family School/CHC IRB’s CITI course in the protection of human research is called “Social Service Administration and Chapin Hall.”

CITI program training is found at Click “log-in” in upper right corner of screen.  Choose “Log In Through My Institution.”  A list of institutions will appear. Choose “University of Chicago” as the participating institution. Enter your CNET ID & password. Select "School of Social Service Administration/Chapin Hall" as the Division with which to associate. To "Add a Course" a series of questions need to be answered. Crown Family School and Chapin Hall researchers select “Social Service Administration and Chapin Hall– Basic Course” or “Social Service Administration and Chapin Hall Modules–Refresher Course.” The basic course training should take approximately 2.5 hours, and does not have to be completed in one sitting.

Please note, other CITI courses may be required from other review committees, funding sources or agreements for a research project. 

Contact the IRB office for questions, guidance or other training needs at or 773-834-0402.

Unaffiliated researchers who are listed in an IRB protocol application submitted to the Crown Family School/CHC IRB must also complete education in the protection of human research and may use their own institution’s requirements or use another training program such as the online training course available at

As of Sept 26, 2018 NIH is no longer able to offer its Protecting Human Research Participants course and does not plan to provide an alternative course (see